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Behavioral control of abnormal breathing in sleep was studied to determine if an intervention procedure could reduce apnea duration and also SaO2 (blood oxygen) desaturation levels. Sleep apnea patients (n = 11) were instructed while awake that tones would be presented in sleep whenever an apnea event occurred. They were told to breathe deeply to the tones(More)
BACKGROUND Intestinal failure is the outcome of a number of gastrointestinal diseases and characterized by significant reduction in functional gut mass. If not resolved patients often face long-term nutritional support. This study gathered information about how patients referred with intestinal failure are managed in specialised European centres. METHODS(More)
Heart rate was measured in 30 men during a recognition-memory task using both numbers and random shapes as stimuli. Findings for the number, but not the shape material, provided support for the hypothesis that availability of cognitive processing capacity is reflected by heart rate. This was considered an indication of separate cognitive processors.
The effects of prolonged practice on the duration of the spiral aftereffect were investigated; 3,000 trials over 30 days with 5 levels of ambient illumination were randomly presented to a single subject. Scores gradually decreased until a plateau was reached during the last 13 days. A large decrement during the last 5 days was attributed to a decision(More)
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