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The information complexity of a function f is the minimum amount of information Alice and Bob need to exchange to compute the function f. In this paper we provide an algorithm for approximating the information complexity of an arbitrary function f to within any additive error α > 0, thus resolving an open question as to whether information complexity is(More)
Motivated by applications in recommender systems, web search, social choice and crowdsourcing, we consider the problem of identifying the set of top K items from noisy pairwise comparisons. In our setting, we are non-actively given r pairwise comparisons between each pair of n items, where each comparison has noise constrained by a very general noise model(More)
In patients with an acute cerebrovascular insufficiency a great number of disturbances of the cardiac rhythm is existing. In our investigations the absolute arrhythmia with auricular fibrillation and flutter (21%), ventricular and supraventricular extrasystoles (22%), atrioventricular blocks (13%) and patterns of bundle-branch block (25%) are concerned.(More)