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Calcimimetic compounds, which activate the parathyroid cell Ca(2+) receptor (CaR) and inhibit parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion, are under experimental study as a treatment for hyperparathyroidism. This report describes the salient pharmacodynamic properties, using several test systems, of a new calcimimetic compound, cinacalcet HCl. Cinacalcet HCl(More)
In normal adult rats, the mystacial vibrissae and the common fur of the snout project at different loci on the SI cortex. The surface area of the normal fur projection is 0.8 mm2, whereas the vibrissa field amounts to 3-4 mm2. In rats dewhiskered since birth, the vibrissa area can still be identified through the projections from ipsilateral vibrissae(More)
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