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This paper examines several existing methods of static shading device design, and presents a new approach called SHADERADE. The approach is implemented as an eponymous tool based on Rhinoceros® and EnergyPlus, and offers flexible, novel techniques for assessing the thermal desirability of solar transmittance through any potential shading volume or surface.(More)
The Solar Envelope is a three dimensional envelope on a site which ensures adjacent neighbors a specified minimum direct solar access time per day throughout the year. The solar envelope was developed as a tool to give buildings in an urban setting the mutual opportunity to employ passive and active solar design strategies. Parametric computer-aided-design(More)
1. Peptides 7f and 7g may be irreversible metabolic and products generated into and confined in a volume approximating extracellular fluid. 2. The concentration profiles reported for 7a, 7b, and 7c suggest they are metabolic intermediates and that complex metabolic upsets are induced by dialysis resulting in marked sequential acceleration of generation and(More)
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