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This paper addresses a fundamental question: Is there a standard way of creating standards? Based on our first-hand experience of creating a technical ICT standard called H.350, we pondered over the process and reflected on what really happened. H.350 is a Directory Services for Multimedia standard ratified by the International Telecommunications Union in(More)
The purpose of this project was to design and test alternative approaches to in-home nutrition services for the elderly. Two meals systems--weekly delivery of five frozen meals and the daily delivery of hot meals--were evaluated for client approval, effect on clients' social contacts, and costefficiency. The alternative frozen meals system met with clients'(More)
Epistemological studies generally focus on how students think about their construction of knowledge compared to how experts think about the same ideas. Instruments such as the MPEX and CLASS use a Likert scale to gauge whether students agree or disagree with how experts think about the same ideas. During analysis, five point scale responses are typically(More)
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