Jon S. Weisbaum

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rRNA-based studies, which have become the most common method for assessing microbial communities, rely upon faithful amplification of the corresponding genes from the original DNA sample. We report here an analysis and reevaluation of commonly used primers for amplifying the DNA between positions 27 and 1492 of bacterial 16S rRNA genes (numbered according(More)
BACKGROUND Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most common vaginal disorder of reproductive-age women. Yet the cause of BV has not been established. To uncover key determinants of BV, we employed a multi-omic, systems-biology approach, including both deep 16S rRNA gene-based sequencing and metabolomics of lavage samples from 36 women. These women varied(More)
Recent culture-independent studies have revealed that a healthy vaginal ecosystem harbors a surprisingly complex assemblage of microorganisms. However, the spatial distribution and composition of vaginal microbial populations have not been investigated using molecular methods. Here, we evaluated site-specific microbial composition within the vaginal(More)
We investigated the effect of systemic indomethacin on corneal graft survival in rabbits. Two weeks following corneal transplants, skin grafts were exchanged between donor-recipient pairs. Indomethacin was started one day prior to transplant and was continued for the duration of the study. Mean graft survival was twice as long in the indomethacin-treated(More)
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