Jon S Kennedy

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This communication reappraises the behavioral evidence concerning insect flight toward a point source of wind-borne odor in the light of meteorological information not yet considered in this context. The horizontal tracks of puffs of smoke from a generator in the open air were videorecorded and found to continue along nearly straight lines from the source(More)
A jump diffusion model coupled with a local volatility function has been suggested by Andersen and Andreasen (2000). This model is attractive in that it shows promise in terms of being able to capture observed market cross-sectional implied volatilities, without being unduly complex. By generating a discrete set of American option prices assuming a jump(More)
Sensory-motor delays vary over the course of development and under different environmental conditions. Previous research has shown that humans can compensate for the resulting temporal misalignment while performing sensory-motor tasks (e.g., Cunningham, Billock, & Tsou, 2001a), but remains silent on the question of whether perceptual learning-similar to(More)
Fifteen human participants performed a manual and ocular tracking task with a continuously and unpredictably moving visual target, while magnetoencephalography (MEG) signals were recorded. Three-dimensional source reconstructions were generated from the MEG signals, using synthetic aperture magnetometry (SAM). The SAM images indicated main effects of alpha(More)
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