Jon S. B. de Vlieger

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In the last decade, discussions on the development of the regulatory framework of generic versions of complex drugs such as biologicals and non-biological complex drugs have attracted broad attention. The terminology used is far from harmonized and can lead to multiple interpretations of legal texts, reflection papers, and guidance documents regarding(More)
The aim of this critical review is to reach a global consensus regarding the introduction of follow-on versions of nonbiological complex drugs (NBCD). A nonbiological complex drug is a medicinal product, not being a biological medicine, where the active substance is not a homo-molecular structure, but consists of different (closely related and often(More)
The Acetylcholine Binding Protein (AChBP) is considered an analog for the ligand-binding domain of neuronal nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors (nAChRs). Its stability and solubility in aqueous buffer allowed the development of an online bioaffinity analysis system. For this, a tracer ligand which displays enhanced fluorescence in the binding pocket of AChBP(More)
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