Jon Rowe

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— The bacterium Escherichia coli has the capacity to respond to a wide range of environmental inputs, which have the potential to change suddenly and rapidly. Although the functions of many of its signal transduction and gene regulation networks have been identified, E.Coli's capacity for perceptual categorization, especially for discrimination between(More)
Using a simple simulation model of evolution and learning, this paper provides an evolutionary argument why Lamarckian inheritance the direct transfer of lifetime learning from parent to offspring-may be so rare in nature. Lamarckian inheritance allows quicker genetic adaptation to new environmental conditions than non-lamarckian inheritance. While this may(More)
Abstract (developmental) genetic representations are schemes where each genotype encodes a program for the construction of a phenotype. A new method for contriving abstract genetic representations is presented, based upon Kauffman's ideas regarding biological development [13-16]. Phenogenesis is controlled by genotype via cell replication and(More)
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