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We present a fully 3D self-consistent convection-driven dynamo model with reference to the geodynamo. A relatively low Ekman number regime is reached, with the aim of investigating the dynamical behavior at low viscosity. This regime is computationally very demanding, which has prompted us to adopt a plane layer model with an inclined rotation vector, and(More)
  • Jon Rotvig
  • 2007
We demonstrate that thermal convection in a rapidly rotating spherical shell may produce zonal flows outside the tangent cylinder that consist of multiple alternating jets drifting towards the interior. A quasigeostrophic model that in model space is located between the classical annulus and the spherical shell, has been constructed. In this generalized(More)
The magnetic field generated in the fluid metallic core of planet Earth is shown. Numerical simulations of the dynamo mechanism, such as this one, exhibit polarity reversals, whereby the north pole moves by 180 degrees; this mimics the behavior documented many times within the geological record. Our simulation solves the equations of momentum transfer,(More)
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