Jon Rios

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This paper proposes an integrated modelling framework for the analysis of manufacturing systems that can increase the capacity of modelling tools for rapidly creating a structured database with multiple detail levels and thus obtain key performance indicators (KPIs) that highlight possible areas for improvement. The method combines five important concepts:(More)
In the recent years, new services and businesses leveraging location-based services (LBS) are rapidly emerging. On the other hand this has raised the incentive of users to cheat about their locations to the service providers for personal benefits. Context-based proofs-of-presence (PoPs) have been proposed as a means to enable verification of users' location(More)
Today, cross-device communication and intelligent resource sharing among smart devices is limited and inflexible: Typically devices cooperate using fixed interfaces provided by custom-built applications, which users need to install manually. This is tedious, time consuming, bears security and privacy risks, and contrasts the idea of Internet of Things (IoT)(More)
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