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is an experimental system that enables the user, through an intelligent graphics terminal, to construct, modify, analyze, and store decision trees. With this system, business decisions under uncertainty can be analyzed. This paper discusses the system and its capabilities. Included is a brief discussion of decision analysis, which represents an aspect(More)
Odontogenesis of the 2nd premolar begins in the majority of cases at the age of 3-3 1/2 years, although this period can vary more widely than that for other permanent teeth. For this reason, aplasia of this group of teeth cannot be diagnosed as early and with the same degree of certainty. A group of 104 children aged 3-7 years in whom one or more tooth(More)
Pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated from intravenous data based upon a two-compartment open model. These parameters were subsequently used to determine the absorption rates and bioavailability of cephradine administered intramuscularly and orally. The results indicate that cephradine obeys dose-independent kinetics and that biological availability is(More)
  • J J Ravin
  • 1981
Enamel cracks or infractions occur in 10.5-12.5% of acute traumatized incisors. A detailed account of 1337 incisors suffering from pure infraction or infraction in conjunction with some form of fracture and/or damage to the supportive tissue as a result of an acute trauma is given. The teeth were examined at regular intervals, and the observation time was(More)
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