Jon-Paul Griffiths

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The reduction in doctors' hours and the introduction of specialist training have reduced general surgical training by 60%. This study assessed the implications for a single health board. A questionnaire listing 13 representative operations was sent to 44 trainees and 52 trainers to determine the number of operations a trainee should perform. The total(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the feasibility of assessing surgical training from routine, prospectively collected data and to establish whether weighted workload assessed surgical training more objectively than caseload (case counting). The surgeons in this surgical unit prospectively documented details of all operations and endoscopic procedures(More)
Pretibial lacerations are often followed by slow healing. When a flap is raised, simple suture is doomed to failure and both a conservative approach and one involving skin grafting have been advocated. In this study, 25 patients with pretibial flap lacerations were randomly allocated to treatment either by primary excision and grafting or by "defatting" the(More)
A recent report by the National Audit Office found that only 50% to 60% of weekday operating time was being used. This report was examined by the Committee of Public Accounts and much of the blame for underutilization of operating theatres was attributed to poor working practices among surgeons. We investigated theatre utilization in our hospital and found(More)
Functionalized diarylcarbenes are excellent reactive intermediates suitable for the direct surface modification of organic polymers, and these may be used to introduce urea and thiourea functions onto polystyrene at loading levels of up to 2.3 x 10(13) molecules/cm(2). These functions are capable of the reversible binding and release of peroxide at loading(More)
Syntheses of enantiopure organosulfur donors by three different strategies requiring only four-six steps are reported. The key step involves either double substitution of an enantiopure cyclic sulfate ester by a dithiolate, attachment of a chiral diol as a ketal, or completely diastereoselective cycloaddition of 1,3-dithiole-2,4,5-trithione to an(More)