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Undetected leaks in water distribution networks are a significant problem both economically and environmentally. Across Australia 12% of water is estimated to be lost through leaks and the annual cost to water utilities worldwide is US$14 billion. A sensor network that measures water flow in the pipes can be used to predict the location and size of leaks.(More)
Shooting a moving target is a fundamental skill for Marines operating in combat environments. It is a difficult skill to train, often failing to be fully learned despite the field manuals and other training strategies now employed. Previous ONR research 1 suggests that skill acquisition can be improved and retained longer by training the declarative(More)
This paper presents a treatment program for the development of personal hygiene behavior in a patient who was 5 years post herpes simplex encephalitis. The patient has severe memory and organizational problems, but is of average overall intelligence. The program consists in part of chaining a series of nine discrete activities by using linking phrases. The(More)
Note: In addition to the references used in the text of this report, this bibliography lists several references to epidemiological studies that may be of interest to the readers. These references were used in an arlier draft that made more extensive use of epidemiological findings to justify risk ratios. (1995). A method for evaluating transmission line(More)
History Quantum computing has its roots in classical computers, which were developed in the middle of the 20th century and have evolved considerably since. The designation of having introduced the first commercial computer to the U.S. Bureau of Standards is conferred on J. About the size of a small room, the UNIVAC was substantially larger and less(More)
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