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Evaluating creativity support environments is challenging. Some approaches address people&#8217;s experiences of creativity. The present method measures creativity, across conditions, in the products that people make. This research introduces <i>information-based ideation</i> (IBI), a paradigm for investigating open-ended tasks and activities in which(More)
We present zero-thickness optical multi-touch sensing, a technique that simplifies sensordisplay integration, and enables new forms of interaction not previously possible with other multi-touch sensing techniques. Using low-cost modulated infrared sensors to quickly determine the visual hull of an interactive area, we enable robust real-time sensing of(More)
We describe a new method of multi-touch sensing which can be unobtrusively added to existing displays. By coupling individually controlled optoelectronics to the edge of a planar waveguide, our scanning approach overcomes prior disadvantages of optoelectronic multi-touch sensing. Our approach allows for a completely transparent touch surface and easy(More)
With the advent of new sensing technologies, precision free-air interaction is becoming viable as a contender for the next generation of expressive, embodied interaction modalities. ZeroTouch [5], a novel multi-touch sensor that allows for free-air multi-finger, multi-object sensing, is one example of this next generation of free-air interfaces. We develop(More)
The representation of information collections needs to be optimized for human cognition. Growing information collections play a crucial role in human experiences. While documents often include rich visual components, collections, including personal collections and those generated by search engines, are typically represented lists of text-only surrogates. By(More)
Electronic Sports (eSports) is the professional play and spectating of digital games. Real-time strategy games are a form of eSport that require particularly high- performance and precise interaction. Prior eSports HCI has been keyboard and mouse based. We investigate the real-time strategy eSports context to design novel interactions with embodied(More)
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