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Agricultural biotechnology is limited by the inefficiencies of conventional random mutagenesis and transgenesis. Because targeted genome modification in plants has been intractable, plant trait engineering remains a laborious, time-consuming and unpredictable undertaking. Here we report a broadly applicable, versatile solution to this problem: the use of(More)
Inversion recovery may be used to suppress signal from cerebrospinal fluid, a technique which has been named "fluid attenuated with inversion recovery" (FLAIR). This report describes interleaving a slice selective inversion pulse within a rapid spin-echo sequence to obtain the desirable contrast characteristics of FLAIR in imaging times comparable to(More)
The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015) is a global strategy for addressing disaster risk and resilience that has been ratified by member countries of the United Nations. Its guiding principles emphasise building resilience through inter-sectoral collaboration, as well as partnerships that facilitate community empowerment and address(More)