Jon Miller

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  • Timothy J Biblarz, Adrian E Raftery, Nan Marie Astone, Vern Bengtson, Leif Jensen, Jane Mauldon +3 others
  • 1999
The effect of alternative family structures on children's educational and occupational success has been constant over the past 30 years. Higher rates of unemployment and lower-status occupational positions could account for the negative effect of single-mother families on children's attainment throughout the period. Children from single-father families and(More)
Insects, like all invertebrates, express robust innate, but not adaptive, immune reactions to infection and invasion. Insect immunity is usually resolved into three major components. The integument serves as a physical barrier to infections. Within the hemocoel, the circulating hemocytes are the temporal first line of defense, responsible for clearing the(More)
We compared the efficacy of a simple virtual environment (VE) training system with two media more commonly used to train people: paper and video tutorials. Participants learned how to solve a spatial puzzle in one of the three training media. People who trained with the VE spent more time training, however they performed significantly better than people in(More)
  • Martinez Alonso, Hector, H, Héctor Martínez, Alonso Bolette, Sandford Pedersen +119 others
  • 2015
3 You are Lover of word you write book one day — anonymous fortune cookie, 2007 4 Acknowledgements To my supervisors, for their high agreement. To my grand/step/parents and the rest of my modestly-sized family, ever-willing to be more supportive than simply baffled. To my colleagues at the EMNLP@CPH research team, for all their help. The name is lame but(More)
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