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Java Virtual Machine
This text is a comprehensive programming guide for the Java Virtual Machine, providing an overview and reference of the JVM, and it enbles users to create their own implementations of theJVM or write their own compilers that create Java object code. Expand
Jazz: an extensible zoomable user interface graphics toolkit in Java
Jazz, a general-purpose 2D scene graph toolkit that runs on all platforms that support Java 2.0, is described and the lessons learned using Jazz for ZUIs are described. Expand
Toolkit design for interactive structured graphics
It is concluded that a polylithic approach is most suitable for toolkit builders, visual design software where code is automatically generated, and application builders where there is much customization of the toolkit. Expand
Implementing a zooming User Interface: experience building Pad++
The design and implementation of the Pad++ engine is described, focusing in particular on rendering and data structure issues, to present useful techniques that can be adopted in other real‐time graphical systems and to discuss how 2D zooming systems differ from other graphical systems. Expand
Stateless Remote Environment Navigation with View Compression
A lossy compression scheme is presented in which the client estimates the cumulative error in each frame, and requests a comprete refresh before errors become noticable. Expand
Does a Sketchy Appearance Influence Drawing Behavior
In this paper we examine the role of visual aesthetics in how people interact with computers. Specifically, we are interested in whether simply adopting a sketch-like visual appearance in a drawingExpand
Nested user interface components
Nested User Interface Components combine the concepts of Zooming User Interfaces (ZUIs) with recursive nesting of active graphical user interface widgets to create a system of recursively nesting interface components that is simple to layout interaction semantics that are best handled by recursion. Expand
Artists and technologists working together (panel)
This panel explores the dialog and interplay between artists and technologists and encourages the research community to look for ways to integrate art and artists within their own programs, for example, by starting artist-in-residence activities, introducing courses on art and design into CS curricula, or inviting artists to participate in projects. Expand
Different Manhattan project: automatic statistical model generation
This work proposes a new approach for generating large geometric models based on a top-down propagation of statistical parameters based on procedural descriptions, which is generally applicable in the generation of models of large geographical regions. Expand
Voxel-based spatial display
We describe a 3-D monitor for the direct display of 3-D information. The general concept for this volumetric display is a fairly straightforward extension of a 2-D screen composed of an array ofExpand