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Ly-6A.2 is a surface protein on T cells that may play a role in lymphocyte activation. The regulation of Ly-6A.2 expression during T cell lymphopoiesis has been intriguing. It is one of the earliest markers expressed on pluripotent hemopoietic stem cells and is present on both primitive and mature T cells, but its expression is extinguished in the thymus(More)
The murine Ly-6 locus controls the expression of a number of genes. One of the products of the Ly-6 locus, Ly-6A.2, has been implicated in the process of T cell activation. We have identified the chromosomal sequences encoding the Ly-6A.2 molecule using very stringent hybridization and washing conditions. We confirmed that this gene encoded the Ly-6A.2(More)
Monoclonal antibody crosslinking of phosphatidylinositol-anchored Ly-6A.2 molecules on the surface of murine T lymphocytes leads to cell activation and secretion of IL-2. To examine the potential activity of these molecules in human T cells we transfected the Ly-6A.2 gene into Jurkat cells. Transfection of Jurkat cells with genomic Ly-6A.2 sequences results(More)
achi•evemIr•CE 1983, the Iverson Award has been the computer indust~'s most prestigious award for APL. Although the award has often been given for high technical ent, it is not a t chnology award. The basis for the award may be high achievement within the APL field, exceptional performance, creativity, sustained long-term proven performance, and of course,(More)
We examined the relationship between proliferation and susceptibility to Fas- and CD2-mediated apoptosis of human peripheral T lymphocytes that had been exposed in primary culture to CD3- or CD2-derived mitogenic stimuli in the presence of monocytes and exogenous IL-2. After 5 days, activated T cells were fractionated into large (F2) and small (F6) cells on(More)
T WO SERVICE UPGRADES to the APL2 workstation product set were shipped in 1999. In April, Level 4 for Windows and Level 15 for OS/2, AIX and Sun Solafis was produced. In November, Level 5 for Windows and Level 16 for OS/2, AIX and Solaris was made available. These two upgrades contained a number of enhancements, as well as fixes for user-reported problems.(More)
NEW APL SYSTEM is now being offered to the public, and it comes from what is perhaps an unexpected! source: the financial services firm of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. The A+ language has enjoyed widespread usage within MSDW for the past ten years, and is now being made available free of charge. This is the latest available release of A+ Version 4, and(More)
Garth: In the summer of 1966, Syracuse University began work on a contract with the Rome Air Development Center (now Rome Labs), in Rome, New York, doing an assessment of timesharing. I was a Research Engineer and Assistant Director of that contract. I was, among other things, the liaison to IBM at Yorktown Heights, New York, on a contract we had there(More)
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