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This paper presents FlowNAC, a Flow-based Network Access Control solution that allows to grant users the rights to access the network depending on the target service requested. Each service, defined univocally as a set of flows, can be independently requested and multiple services can be authorized simultaneously. Building this proposal over SDN principles(More)
The Cloud computing paradigm entails a challenging networking scenario. Due to the economy of scale, the Cloud is mainly supported by Data Center infrastructures. Therefore, virtualized environment manageability, seamless migration of virtual machines, inter-domain communication issues and scalability problems are some of the main concerns that should be(More)
This paper describes an experimentally-tested approach towards programmability for legacy network elements in the software-defined networking architecture. As OpenFlow is a leading control-plane protocol enabling SDN in modern networks, yet not all equipment is compatible with this framework. This problem is addressed in ALIEN, the FP7 research project,(More)
The possibility to deploy telecommunication services based on the availability of a fully flow-aware network is an appealing possibility. Concepts like Network Service Chaining and Network Function Virtualization expect the information to be manageable at the flow level. But, for this concept to be available for the development of user-centric applications,(More)
Novel approaches for network virtualization at Layer 2 which are not based on VLAN have became a real possibility since the appearance of Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow in particular. We have deployed our own network virtualization facility based on Layer 2 prefixes using OpenFlow: the EHU OpenFlow Enabled Facility (EHU-OEF). We have implemented a(More)
OpenFlow is a leading standard for Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and has already played a significant role in reshaping network infrastructures. However, a wide range of existing provider domains is still not equipped with a framework that supports wider deployment of an OpenFlow-based control plane beyond Ethernet-dominated networks. We address this(More)