Jon Mark Ivey

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AIM This study aims to address the gap in research and contribute to the body of knowledge on the perspectives assistive technology device users have toward their devices. METHOD Mixed methods were used to better understand the impact of mobility assistive technology devices (MATDs) on participation for individuals with disabilities. The Functional(More)
Experimental communities of various estuarine animals in outdoor tanks were exposed to a continuous flow of water containing mirex for 10 weeks. The mirex was leached from fire ant bait (0.3% active ingredient) by fresh water which was then mixed with salt water to yield exposure concentrations averaging 0.038 mug/L. The experiment simulated runoff from(More)
Pentachlorophenol affected the composition of communities of estuarine organisms developed in sand from planktonic larvae in estuarine water that flowed through ten control aquaria and ten aquaria per exposure concentration averaging 7, 76, or 622 microgram/liter. Annelids, arthropods, and mollusks were the numerically dominant phyla when animals were(More)
The composition of animal communities developing from planktonic larvae in aquariums. A marked increase in the abundance of the annelid Polydora ligni in aquariums containing sand and flowing estuarine water was altered in the presence of the carbamate insecticide Sevin (carbaryl). Treatments were control and concentrations of Sevin that averaged 1.1, 11.1,(More)
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