Jon M. Patton

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Tentative final form submitted to the journal, to appear in " Computers and the Humanities " Abstract We analyze four İnce Memed novels of Yaşar Kemal using six style markers: " most frequent words, " " syllable counts, " " word type-or part of speech-information, " " sentence length in terms of words, " " word length in text, " and " word length in(More)
For signature files we propose a new false drop estimation method for databases with varying record lengths. Our approach provides more accurate estimation of the number of false drops by considering the lengths of individual records instead of using the average number of terms per record. In signature file processing, accurate estimation of the number of(More)
We introduce a systematic approach to language change quantification by studying unconsciously used language features in time-separated parallel translations. For this purpose, we use objective style markers such as vocabulary richness and lengths of words, word stems and suffixes, and employ statistical methods to measure their changes over time. In this(More)
Fifty-four students were tested at specific time intervals over 10 years to determine best native language (NL) predictors of oral and written foreign language (FL) proficiency and FL aptitude. All participants completed two years of Spanish, French, or German. Each was administered measures of NL literacy, oral language, and cognitive ability in elementary(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to assess the reliability and validity of eight developmental asset measures among a stratified, random sample (N = 540) of college students to guide health promotion efforts. The sample was randomly split to produce exploratory and confirmatory samples for factor analysis using principal axis factoring and varimax(More)
The School Climate Measure (SCM) was developed and preliminarily validated in 2010 and extended upon in 2013 in response to a dearth of psychometrically sound school climate instruments. This study sought to further validate the SCM on a large diverse sample of Arizona public school adolescents (N = 1,643) with two new domains. The eight original SCM(More)
This paper provides a century-wide quantitative analysis of the Turkish literature using forty novels of forty authors. We divide the century into four eras or quarter centuries; allocate ten novels to each era, and partition each novel into equal sized blocks. Using cross validation based discriminant analysis, with the most frequent words as(More)
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