Jon M. Kerridge

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The quality of component-based systems highly depends on how effectively testing is carried out. To achieve the maximal testing effectiveness, this paper presents a product line based aspect oriented approach to unit testing. The aspect product line facilitates the automatic creation of aspect test cases that deal with specific quality requirements. An(More)
Parallel servers offer improved processing power for relational database systems and provide system scalability. In order to support the users of these systems, new ways of assessing the performance of such machines are required. If these assessments are to show how the machines perform under commercial workloads they need to be based upon models which have(More)
The original package developed for network mobility in JCSP, although useful, revealed some limitations in the underlying models permitting code mobility and channel migration. In this paper, we discuss these limitations, as well as describe the new models developed to overcome them. The models are based on two different approaches to mobility in other(More)
JCSPre is a highly reduced version of the JCSP (Communicating Sequential Processes for Java) parallel programming environment. JCSPre has been implemented on a LEGO Mindstorms NXT brick using the LeJOS Java runtime environment. The LeJOS environment provides an abstraction for the NXT Robot in terms of Sensors, Sensor Ports and Motors, amongst others. In(More)
A review of literature pertaining to data warehouse implementations over the last eight years has been undertaken. It was found that the views of data warehouse practitioners in particular have changed over the period’s pre and post 2000, to the extent that fewer authors place any emphasis on the need for a clear business purpose before embarking on a data(More)
Mismatches between pre-qualified existing components and the particular reuse context in applications have been a major factor hindering component reusability and successful composition. Although component adaptation has acted as a key solution of eliminating these mismatches, deep adaptation is often either impossible or incurring heavy overheads in the(More)
This paper describes the specification, implementation and use of a computer system simulator. The simulator project was begun as a result of teaching a second year undergraduate course in computer systems.It became apparent that students only fully appreciate the differences in computer architecture when they are able to have "hands on" experience. This(More)
When building service oriented systems, it is often the case that existing web services do not perfectly match user requirements in target systems. To achieve smooth integration and high reusability of web services, mechanisms to support automated evolution of web services are highly in demand. This paper advocates achieving the above evolution by applying(More)