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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been shown to be familial and heritable, in previous studies. As with most psychiatric disorders, examination of pedigrees has not revealed a consistent Mendelian mode of transmission. The response of ADHD patients to medications that inhibit the dopamine transporter, including methylphenidate,(More)
The present case study examined an adolescent boy who initially was evaluated at our clinic and was found to meet DSM-III-R criteria for autistic disorder. After placement in a residential school using Daily Life Therapy for autistic disorder, the subject reported being physically abused by a staff member. Additional psychiatric evaluation revealed(More)
A novel pan-tilt mechanism has been developed to support high-perfonnance active vision research at the AND. The mechanism is unique in that it features parallel .actuation and cable-drive transmission technology. This paper describes its design ,and reports on the experimental evaluation of its perfonnance. Results show that the design concepts are sound,(More)
Multirobot systems are becoming more and more significant in industrial, commercial and scientific applications including: plant maintenance, warehouse operation, space missions, operations in hazardous environments and military applications. Localised control has advantages over hierarchical control because the robots can be autonomous. The goals of this(More)
  • J. Kieffer
  • 1991
The author has previously (1990, 1991) developed techniques for manipulator inverse kinematics that are effective at kinematic singularities. These techniques enable the classification of singularities as well as the analysis of differential motion in their neighborhoods (e.g. inverse velocity and acceleration solutions). This paper offers the author's(More)
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