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Voltage-gated Na(+) channels underlie the electrical activity of most excitable cells, and these channels are the targets of many antiarrhythmic, anticonvulsant, and local anesthetic drugs. The channel pore is formed by a single polypeptide chain, containing four different, but homologous domains that are thought to arrange themselves circumferentially to(More)
Software components and architectures are gaining considerable support as the way to develop object-oriented systems and business applications. Current developments in component-based software reuse is taking place in the context of some thirty years of history. It is as well to rehearse that history, as we do in this chapter, and draw lessons from it, lest(More)
Alamethicin, a peptide antibiotic, partitions into artificial lipid bilayer membranes and into frog myelinated nerve membranes, inducing a voltage-dependent conductance. Discrete changes in conductance representing single-channel events with multiple open states can be detected in either frog node or lipid bilayer membranes. In 120 mM salt solution, the(More)
1. Introduction This project grew out of a meeting between Charlie Hogg and Simon Gunton in 2005. Charlie was the student representative of Engineers Without Borders 1 in Cambridge, and Simon is a composer and an employee of a charity called Escape Artists. Established in 1996, Escape Artists exists to bring the arts to marginalised groups, including people(More)
We describe a generic high level Petri Net model for concurrent systems, in which is deened Causal, Choice and Concurrent Composition, Rela-belling, Reenement and Recursion. We give a full development of the rst four operators (a development of the other two will be given in future work), including the introduction of Label Algebras , which will allow us to(More)
There are many dimensions of performance to ADC technology. Some of these are listed in Table 1. These are common metrics for which ADCs may be selected and have obvious value for certain areas of interest. Dimension of Performance Value SNR Sensitivity to small signals SFDR, harmonics, and intermodulation Rejection of undesired interferers Power(More)
Executive Summary Statecharts provide for the detailed graphical description of real-time computing systems. Extended Real Time Logic (ERTL) provides for the axiomatic description of real-time computing systems. The StateMate tool provides powerful facilities for the construction and validation of Statecharts, using a conceptually simple graphical user(More)
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