Jon H. Robertson

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This paper reviews the principal English literature on hearing preservation in unilateral acoustic neuroma surgery. Seventeen case reports and 13 surgical series are included. In addition, we report ten cases of our own, two with successful hearing preservation. The purpose of this report is to study feasibility, success rate, and associated problems.(More)
Cadherins are Ca2+-dependent cell adhesion molecules that play an important role in tissue construction and morphogenesis in multicellular organisms. Over the last few years, reports have emerged in the literature describing the involvement of cadherins in tumor invasion and metastasis. Cadherins typically demonstrate up and down-regulation according to the(More)
Myelodysplasia/acute myeloid leukemia (MDS/AML) is characterized by a t(3;5)(q25.1;q34) chromosomal translocation that forms a fusion gene between nucleophosmin (NPM) and MDS/myeloid leukemia factor 1 (MLF1). We identified a novel protein, MLF1-interacting protein (MLF1IP), that specifically associates with MLF1 by yeast two-hybrid analysis and in pulldown(More)
OBJECTIVE Because of the intricate anatomy of the temporal bone, we examined the feasibility and reliability of cranial surface anatomic fiducials to register computed tomographic images of the temporal bone by using a frameless image-guided system. METHODS One-millimeter thick computed tomographic slices and the smallest possible field of view were used(More)
The myelodysplasia/myeloid leukemia factor 1-interacting protein MLF1IP is a novel gene which encodes for a putative transcriptional repressor. It is localized to human chromosome 4q35.1 and is expressed in both the nuclei and cytoplasm of cells. Northern and Western blot analyses have revealed MLF1IP to be present at very low amounts in normal brain(More)
Episodic memory deficits are a core feature of neurodegenerative disorders. Muscarinic M(1) receptors play a critical role in modulating learning and memory and are highly expressed in the hippocampus. We examined the effect of GSK1034702, a potent M(1) receptor allosteric agonist, on cognitive function, and in particular episodic memory, in healthy smokers(More)
BACKGROUND Meningiomas of the cerebellopontine angle (CPA), although uniform in location, are diverse with regard to the site of dural origin and displacement of neurovascular structures. A study of patients with CPA meningiomas was undertaken to gain more information regarding the relationship between site of dural attachment, clinical presentation,(More)
Twelve recent cases of Mycobacterium tuberculosis meningitis were presented, and the literature was reviewed. There are no particularly new or unique therapies or approaches to the management of this most serious disease. The major obstacle to successful diagnosis and treatment of tuberculous meningitis continues to be a lack of clinical suspicion of its(More)
Five cases of sarcoid presenting as an intracranial tumor are reported. In one instance, the lesion presented as a tumor in the cerebellopontine angle, a site not previously reported for the initial presentation of sarcoid isolated to the central nervous system. The role of computerized tomography, surgery, and steroid therapy is discussed. In the absence(More)