Jon Grinnell

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Despite evidence from several bird, fish and mammal species that listeners can discriminate between the vocalizations of familiar and unfamiliar adult conspecifics, direct links between discriminatory abilities and fitness benefits have been difficult to identify. In free-ranging populations of African lions (Panthera leo), females with cubs face a(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of immunodeficiency, nutritional status, and concurrent systemic disease on peripheral nerve function in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. DESIGN Survey of subjects infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), recruited as part of a prospective study of neuromuscular complications of HIV infection. SETTING A(More)
Long distance calls function to regulate intergroup spacing, attract mating partners, and/or repel competitors. Therefore, they may not only provide information about the sex (if both sexes are calling) but also about the condition of the caller. This paper provides a description of the acoustic features of roars recorded from 18 male and 6 female lions(More)