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Although many common diseases occur mostly in old age, the impact of ageing itself on disease risk and expression often goes unevaluated. To consider the impact of ageing requires some useful means of measuring variability in health in animals of the same age. In humans, this variability has been quantified by counting age-related health deficits in a(More)
Tendon-to-bone healing occurs by formation of a fibrous, scar tissue interface rather than regeneration of a normal insertion. Because inflammatory cells such as macrophages lead to formation of fibrous scar tissue, we hypothesized immobilization would allow resolution of acute inflammation and result in improved tendon-bone healing. We reconstructed the(More)
BACKGROUND The US population continues to expand providing the need for primary health care services. Community pharmacies integrated with medicine may provide greater access while providing high quality care. OBJECTIVE To gauge pharmacists' demand for primary health care services delivered through community pharmacies. METHODS An online survey was(More)
WHAT IS KNOWN AND OBJECTIVE In order to improve public health, it is necessary to facilitate patients' easy access to affordable high-quality primary health care, and one enhanced approach to do so may be to provide primary healthcare services in the community pharmacy setting. Discrete choice experiments to evaluate patient demand for services in pharmacy(More)
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