Jon G. Caldwell

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Using a case-control design, a reported association of schizophrenia with homozygosity at the dopamine D3 receptor gene locus was investigated in a group of patients (n = 53), with schizophrenia (DSM-III-R), and psychiatrically normal controls (n = 61), matched for ethnicity and area of residence. No significant differences in the distribution of alleles or(More)
15 patients with Paget's bone disease were treated with varying schedules of porcine (3.8-157.5 MRCU/kg per wk) and/or salmon (1.5-210 MRCU/kg per wk) calcitonins over periods ranging from 4 to 24 months. All of the subjects experienced a striking decrease in serum alkaline phosphatase during the first 4 months of treatment. In six patients, however,(More)
In immature cardiac myocytes, the sarcoplasmic reticulum is sparse. Thus, we hypothesized that sarcolemmal Ca2+ influx through Na(+)-Ca2+ exchange is the dominant mechanism for modulating intracellular Ca2+ during contractions in fetal and neonatal hearts. We measured Na(+)-Ca2+ exchange currents in neonatal and adult rabbit ventricular cells using a rapid(More)
OBJECTIVE Shared decision making (SDM) is recognized as an ideal model of patient-physician interaction, yet clinical application occurs infrequently. The current study evaluated attitudes of first-year residents to identify potential barriers and opportunities regarding SDM. METHODS A total of 70 residents attending orientation at the University of Utah(More)
A total of 100 patients were studied by standard thyroid function tests and the 99mTc-pertechnetate neck/thigh ratio was determined. This ratio or "trapping index" correlated closely with 131I uptake. The 99mTc test should be followed by scanning at 20 minutes to distinguish diffuse from localized thyroid disease. TSH stimulation and suppression studies can(More)
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