Jon Foss-Skiftesvik

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Transient global amnesia is considered a very rare complication of diagnostic cerebral angiography, and has been reported only in a limited number of case reports more than 15 years ago. We describe a patient experiencing transient global amnesia following cerebral digital subtraction angiography. While the condition by definition is self-limiting, its(More)
Haemostasis is of fundamental significance in neurosurgery, and insufficient control of bleeding is associated with morbidity and mortality. Topical haemostatic agents play an important role, as the characteristics of neuronal tissue limit the use of classical surgical haemostasis techniques. Appropriate choice of agent depends on the location and type of(More)
SECTION 1 A 60-year-old man with no medical history was admitted to the Department of Neurology with drooping of his right upper eyelid and an ipsilateral contracted pupil, combined with pain, weakness, and numbness in his upper right limb. The patient had experienced thoracic back pain of moderate intensity with radiating right-sided belt-like chest pain(More)
BACKGROUND Clinicians use a non-standardized, intuitive approach when correlating radiological morphology and etiology of hydrocephalus. OBJECTIVE To investigate the possibility of categorizing hydrocephalus in different groups based on radiological morphology, to analyze if these proposed groups relate to the location and type of underlying pathology,(More)
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