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Archaeological, anatomical, linguistic, and genetic data have suggested that there is an old and significant boundary between the populations of north and south China. We use three human genetic marker systems and one human-carried virus to examine the north/south distinction. We find no support for a major north/south division in these markers; rather, the(More)
This paper presents the implementing multiple fan beam projection technique using optical fibre sensors for a tomography system. From the dynamic experiment of solid/gas flow using plastic beads in a gravity flow rig, the designed optical fibre sensors are reliable in measuring the mass flow rate below 40% of flow. Another important matter that has been(More)
The data distribution system of this project is divided into two types, which are a Two-PC Image Reconstruction System and a Two-PC Velocity Measurement System. Each data distribution system is investigated to see whether the results' refreshing rate of the corresponding measurement can be greater than the rate obtained by using a single computer in the(More)
The main objective of this project is to implement the multiple fan beam projection technique using optical fibre sensors with the aim to achieve a high data acquisition rate. Multiple fan beam projection technique here is defined as allowing more than one emitter to transmit light at the same time using the switch-mode fan beam method. For the thirty-two(More)
Searches for 12 neutrinoless decay modes of the tau which violate lepton number conservation have been made using the reaction +-+-ee-t-r-r. No evidence for lepton number violation is observed, and we have set upper limits (90% C.L.) on the branching ratio for each decay mode. The branching ratio limits on the radiative decays r-+y and r-tey are .055% and(More)
(Submitted to Phys. Rev. 0) *. (a). (b). (cl. cd). tel. (f). (g). (h). (iI. Cj).ABSTRACT A high statistics study of 9 decays into baryon final states has been done uith the MARK II detector at SPEAR. A detailed test of bar-yon-antibaryon decay modes is presented. Substantial resonance formation is observed in multibody decays of the 4' involving baryons.(More)
This paper describes the application and construction of signal sample and hold (S/H) circuit to facilitate data acquisition process using the Keithley Metrabyte DAS 1802HC. A basic tomographic system consists of sensors, signal conditioning circuit, data acquisition system and the creation of suitable computer software to display the reconstructed image(More)
This paper presents the timing advantage of implementing multiple fan beam projection technique using optical fibre sensors for a tomography system. To prepare the optical fibre sensors to be used for this multiple fan beam projection, a collimator is not needed but optical fibre lens' termination is crucial. In this research, the fibre optic lens for(More)
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