Jon F Ihlefeld

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Piezoelectric materials, which convert mechanical to electrical energy and vice versa, are typically characterized by the intimate coexistence of two phases across a morphotropic phase boundary. Electrically switching one to the other yields large electromechanical coupling coefficients. Driven by global environmental concerns, there is currently a strong(More)
Above-band-gap optical excitation produces interdependent structural and electronic responses in a multiferroic BiFeO(3) thin film. Time-resolved synchrotron x-ray diffraction shows that photoexcitation can induce a large out-of-plane strain, with magnitudes on the order of half of one percent following pulsed-laser excitation. The strain relaxes with the(More)
We experimentally investigate the role of size effects and boundary scattering on the thermal conductivity of silicon-germanium alloys. The thermal conductivities of a series of epitaxially grown Si(1-x)Ge(x) thin films with varying thicknesses and compositions were measured with time-domain thermoreflectance. The resulting conductivities are found to be 3(More)
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