Jon-Emile S Kenny

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Idiopathic uric acid nephrolithiasis appears to be increasing in prevalence. While it has long been known that low urine pH is associated with uric acid stones, only recently has the pathophysiological basis for this disease emerged. Excessively acidic urine is the decisive risk for uric acid lithogenesis, and patients with diabetes and the metabolic(More)
OBJECTIVES Biventricular pacing is important therapy for congestive heart failure, reversing left ventricular dysfunction in dilated cardiomyopathy. Although left ventricular lead location and right ventricular-left ventricular delay are believed to be critical in biventricular pacing, there is no established technique for optimizing pacing site and timing.(More)
OBJECTIVES A method for the induction of complete heart block (CHB) by ethanol injection and its success rate in a pig model of acute right ventricular failure is reported. Additionally, a review of the literature for the induction of CHB in laboratory animals is detailed. The literature review was undertaken to both compare our rate of success with other(More)
patient was advised to resume training. During the following year, his performance continued to drop further. A repeat echocardiogram revealed an increase in wall thickness, and an infiltrative cardiac process was suspected. Further investigation confirmed that the patient had multiple myeloma complicated by cardiac amyloidosis. Key Point: Although a rare(More)
A 68-year-old man presented to the emergency department with a small pneumothorax following aggressive use of an incentive spirometer. The patient had a baseline chest radiograph consistent with emphysema. He was initially treated with oxygen in the emergency department, with resolution of his symptoms. The pneumothorax resolved spontaneously over a period(More)
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