Jon Edvardsson

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In order to reduce the high cost of manual software testing and at the same time to increase the reliability of the testing processes researchers and practitioners have tried to automate it. One of the most important components in a testing environment is an automatic test data generator — a system that automatically generates test data for a given program.(More)
In a series of articles Gupta et al. develop a framework for automatic test data generation for computer programs. In general, their approach consists of a branch predicate collector, which derives a system of linear inequalities representing the branch predicates for a given path in the program. This system is solved using a solving technique of theirs(More)
Code coverage analysis holds a very important role in software testing procedure. By the test case runs it provides developers by means to quantify of how well their source code is being exercised. By detecting errors/bugs in the code it estimates the efficiency of the test. We must implement a systematic way and support the theoretical bases for testing(More)
Software testing is complex and time consuming. One way to reduce testing effort is to automatically generate test data. In this work we study a specification-based approach for generating software tests. Briefly, tests are generated by partitioning the specification input domain into a set of subdomains using an automatic partitioning strategy. An(More)
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