Jon Douglas Willms

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OBJECTIVE: This study examined the relation among children's physical activity, sedentary behaviours, and body mass index (BMI), while controlling for sex, family structure, and socioeconomic status.DESIGN: Epidemiological study examining the relations among physical activity participation, sedentary behaviour (video game use and television (TV)/video(More)
Schooling has multiple purposes. In the long run, higher levels of schooling are associated with higher earnings and economic mobility, better health, lower mortality rates, and greater democratic participation. For these reasons, most societies require children to attend school for a specified number of years or until they reach a certain age. Many of the(More)
BACKGROUND Various changes in society have created the opportunity for more sedentary behaviour and the consumption of food that is high in kilojoules, which may lead to a progressive increase in body mass over time. The purpose of this study was to examine secular changes in the body mass index (BMI) of Canadian children between 1981 and 1996. METHODS(More)
Daily diary methodology was used to examine within- and between-person associations among pain appraisals, coping strategies, personal characteristics, perceived spousal responses and daily (30 days) changes in negative mood and pain for 88 women with chronic back pain. Multilevel models revealed that control appraisals and distraction and ignoring pain(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to explore the validity of the Assessment of Young Children's Activity Using Video Technology (ACTIVITY) self-report instrument in assessing previous-day physical activity. METHODS Forty-seven third-grade children (mean age 7.72 +/- 0.45, 41% female) from one elementary school completed the ACTIVITY on one weekday. To(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the geographic and demographic variation in the prevalence of overweight Canadian children. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES Using BMI data from the 1981 Canada Fitness Survey and the 1996 National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth, this study assessed: 1). the prevalence of overweight and obesity among Canadian boys and girls(More)
The quality of the relationships that parents, particularly mothers, have with their children is a potent predictor of children’s future development. Recent research suggests that mothers of preschool-age children exposed to domestic violence may be more sensitive and responsive to their children than other parents. This heightened sensitivity and(More)
This study examined how the link between neighborhood poverty and the timing of sexual initiation varies as a function of age, gender, and background characteristics. A sample of N = 2,596 predominately White Canadian adolescents from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth was used. Sexual initiations occurring between 12 and 15 years old(More)
BACKGROUND Current health literature suggests that there has been a decline in the age of pubertal onset, and that pubertal development is influenced by social context. Unfortunately, contemporary Canadian-specific data have not been available. This study examined the odds of having entered puberty at various ages during adolescence, before and after(More)