Jon Davis

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New employees in an organisation typically undergo a period of relatively intense training when they commence their employment. Often the quantity of information imparted is too large for the newcomers to assimilate during the short training period. Moreover, much of the information may not be relevant until months or even years after the initial training(More)
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This document reviews the state-of-the-art in Cyber Range implementations and related computer network operations (CNO) testbeds. We summarise recently published examples and describe their purpose and functionality. The compiled information should assist organisations to make an informed decision when considering a Cyber Range capability.
The user interface for computer applications is typically hard coded and offers minimal flexibility for user customisation. In this paper we list and discuss several requirements for application user interfaces that offer widespread application accessibility, access across international boundaries, and that support user interface individualisation by normal(More)
Mandatory certification of the financial reports of publicly-held corporations by independent auditors has been a key element in U.S. regulatory framework to improve financial reporting. The economic consequences of mandatory certification remain controversial. Although each market is unique, comparative analyses of certification services across markets can(More)