Jon Damon Reese

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This paper describes an approach to writing requirements specifications for process-control systems, a specification language that supports this approach, and an example application of the approach and the language on an industrial aircraft collision avoidance system (TCAS 11). The example specification demonstrates 1) the practicality of writing a formal(More)
In this paper we present our results and experiences of using symbolic model checking to study the specification of an aircraft collision avoidance system. Symbolic model checking has been highly successful when applied to hardware systems. We are interested in the question of whether or not model checking techniques can be applied to large software(More)
Increased automation in complex systems has led to changes in the human controller's role and to new types of technology-induced human error. Attempts to mitigate these errors have primarily involved giving more authority to the automation, enhancing operator training, or changing the interface. While these responses may be reasonable under many(More)
Previously, we defined a blackbox formal system modeling language called RSML (Requirements State Machine Language). The language was developed over several years while specifying the system requirements for a collision avoidance system for commercial passenger aircraft. During the language development, we received continual feedback and evaluation by FAA(More)
Validation of software requirements is an important part of software engineering. This paper describes a new safety analysis technique called sofiware deviation analysis to help identify weaknesses in how software handles an imperfect environment. The technique propagates deviations in software inputs to output deviations. A qualitative analysis is used to(More)
This paper describes an integrated approach to safety analysis of software requirements and demonstrates the feasibility and utility of applying the individual techniques and the integrated approach on the requirements specification of a guidance system for a high-speed civil transport being developed at NASA Ames. Each analysis found different types of(More)
Standard safety analysis techniques are often ineeective when computers and digital devices are integrated into plant control. The Safeware methodology and its set of supporting safety analysis techniques (and prototype tools) includes modeling and hazard analysis of complex systems where the components may be a mixture of humans, hardware, and software.(More)