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The Latinx, Indigenous, and the Americas Graduate Class: Geography, Pedagogy, and Power
We are in a cultural moment where conversations around the operations of power shift into the legitimacy of government authority and the question of action and its appropriate place and time. With
Siting Geography: Octavio Solis and the Circulation of Performance
The US-Mexico border is a site of continuous policing, the primary arena for political conflict over the status of immigrants in the United States, and a boundary that restricts the flow of human
Teatro Visión and the Limits of Chicano Politics in Neoliberal Space
This model of knowledge practice parallels Uma Kothari’s description of the shifting nature of development professionals within former British colonies: “this form of technicalisation emerged out of a discrediting of, and subsequent apparent distancing from, colonial forms of knowledge and practice”.
The Invisible Labor of Setting the Stage
Dramaturgy: Conceptual Understanding and the Fickleness of Process
With the increasing interest in practice as research, dramaturgy, already understood as the research space within traditional theatre production, seems a logical place from which to generate an
Performance in the Borderlands
boundaries of the theatrical space” (156). Interesting connections are forged between Alladeen and Protokoll’s Call Cutta, which involves a re-visioning of the use of cellphone technology and