Jon D. Kendall

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This study surveys the receptivity of Singaporean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the adoption of electronic commerce. Utilising a portion of Rogers' model of innovation diffusion as the framework and treating electronic commerce (EC) as a form of new innovation, we analyse factors affecting EC diffusion. A multiple regression analysis is(More)
We provide a practical assessment of the bi-lateral PPP relationship between Singapore and the United States. It is ‘practical’ in the sense that the impact of the asset market, changes in policies and economic fundamentals, and the presence of measurement errors are explicitly considered in the study of the PPP relationship. We hope that this study will(More)
Mobile data services integrate handheld and Internet technologies to create new value propositions (Keen and Mackenzie 2001), in a social context, over time (Rogers 1995). Yet, this value can only be realised through new behaviours, including acquiring the enabling technology, learning to use it, applying it to solve problems or add value in everyday life,(More)
Commentary on “Improving the seasonal cycle and interannual variations of biomass burning aerosol sources” by Generoso et al. L. Giglio and J. D. Kendall Science Systems and Applications, Inc., NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 923, Greenbelt, Maryland, USA Received: 21 October 2003 – Accepted: 26 November 2003 – Published: 27 November 2003(More)
We develop and test two hypotheses about purchasing power parity (PPP) derived from the pricing behaviour of profit-maximising, exporting firms. The first is that changes in the price of traded goods relative to domestic substitutes will affect the PPP relation, due to the partial pass-through of exchange rates. The second is that PPP should hold on forward(More)
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