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For centuries the South Pacific islanders have consumed kava (Piper methysticum) as a ceremonial intoxicating beverage. More recently, caplets of kava extracts have been commercialized for their anxiolytic and antidepressant activities. Several cases of hepatotoxicity have been reported following consumption of the commercial preparation whereas no serious(More)
In standard real business cycle models, a large component of the fluctuations is attributed to technology shocks. Unfortunately, empirical evidence examining the role of technology shocks is sparse, in part because they are notoriously difficult to measure. In this paper, I create new indicators of technological change based on books published in the field(More)
A virus that infects some 170 million people worldwide is causing rising rates of liver disease; like HIV, it is a wily foe for researchers developing drugs and vaccines. HIV may hold some lessons Nobody would have mistaken the international conference on hepatitis C, held last month at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), for an international(More)
Fast and accurate collision detection between general geometric models is a fundamental problem in model-ing, robotics, manufacturing and computer-simulated environments. Most of the earlier algorithm are either restricted to a class of geometric models, say convex polytopes, or are not fast enough for practical applications. We present an eecient and(More)
AIM To review the initial experience of blending a variety of online educational techniques with traditional face to face or contact-based teaching methods to deliver final year undergraduate radiology content at a UK Medical School. MATERIALS AND METHODS The Brighton and Sussex Medical School opened in 2003 and offers a 5-year undergraduate programme,(More)
In this essay I defend a theory of psychological explanation that is based on the joint commitment to direct reference and computationalism. I offer a new solution to the problem of Frege Cases. Frege Cases involve agents who are unaware that certain expressions co-refer (e.g. that 'Cicero' and 'Tully' co-refer), where such knowledge is relevant to the(More)
In Africa, opportunistic infections, transmission patterns, and viral subtypes differ from what is seen in the AIDS epidemics of the United States and Europe, yet 2 decades into the epidemic, AIDS researchers have only a shaky handle on the fundamental question: What accounts for these differences? The answers have potentially important implications for(More)