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Comparison of Partially Measured Latent Traits across Nominal Subgroups
Abstract This article presents a method for estimating the subgroup distributions of a latent trait measured as a normal variate in the population. This problem occurs in large-scale assessments,Expand
On the Effectiveness of Pop-Up English Language Glossary Accommodations for EL Students in Large-Scale Assessments
ABSTRACT This study examined the effectiveness and influence on validity of a computer-based pop-up English glossary accommodation for English learners (ELs) in grades 3 and 7. In a randomizedExpand
The Sectioned Density Plot
Effective graphical presentation efficiently summarizes, exposes, and communicates patterns in data. Here we describe a new plot, the sectioned density plot, that compares full distributions acrossExpand
On the Reliable Identification and Effectiveness of Computer-Based, Pop-Up Glossaries in Large-Scale Assessments
A pop-up glossary of the words identified in the coding procedure was used to provide glossaries for the field-test items of statewide English language arts and mathematics assessments across grades 3–11. Expand
Impact of Changing Difficulty on Inferences From the National Assessment of Educational Progress
The U.S. Department of Education measures student achievement through the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). NAEP estimates of population proficiency quantiles are based on aExpand
Consistent Estimation of Rasch Item Parameters and Their Standard Errors Under Complex Sample Designs
U.S. state educational testing programs administer tests to track student progress and hold schools accountable for educational outcomes. Methods from item response theory, especially Rasch models,Expand