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IMPORTANCE Running-related injuries are highly prevalent. OBJECTIVE Synthesise published evidence with international expert opinion on the use of running retraining when treating lower limb injuries. DESIGN Mixed methods. METHODS A systematic review of clinical and biomechanical findings related to running retraining interventions were synthesised and(More)
It has been suggested that human language emerged as a function of three adaptive processes: evolution by natural selection, individual learning, and cultural evolution (Kirby & Hurford, 2002). In this paradigm, biological evolution is intrinsically difficult to explore due to the ephemeral nature of language; however, the interface between learning and(More)
As hospitals begin to pursue total quality management or continuous quality improvement strategies, they are finding that the data collected from various departments to assess quality often are incomplete and inconsistent and that the decision support systems used by hospital departments frequently are incompatible. A common MIS environment produced by(More)
D. N. Arden, Nachman Aronszajn, W. L. Ayres, P. T. Bateman, P. O. Bell, R. L. Blair, Leonard Bristow, E. F. Buck, R. C. Buck, I. W. Burr, J. W. Carr, Lamberto Cesari, Y. W. Chen, J. A. Dieudonné, C. L. Dolph, John Dyer-Bennet, W. E. Edington, B. J. Eisenstadt, J. G. Elliott, Paul Erdös, Chester Feldman, D. A. Flanders, J. S. Frame, C. G. Fry, R. E.(More)