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Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of dietary DL-methionine hydroxy analog-free acid (MHA-FA, 88%) compared with DL-methionine (DLM, 99%) as Met sources in pigs. In Exp. 1, a total of 245 crossbred pigs (initial BW of 6.4 kg [SD = 0.5]) were allotted to 7 treatments in 7 replicates for an experimental period of 28 d. The basal diet (BD)(More)
Two broiler experiments were conducted to assess the relative bioefficacy of liquid DL-Met hydroxy analog-free acid (MHA-FA) and DL-Met (DLM). Exponential regression analysis was used to determine biological efficacy based on body weight, feed conversion, and carcass responses to dietary Met source. In Trial 1, four graded inclusion levels of DLM and liquid(More)
The metabolism of 14C-carbonyl-sulpiride (form A) and of 14C-3, 4 pyrrolidine-sulpiride (form B) was studied in the rhesus monkey and man. In the monkey, the metabolites in both the urine and the bile were the same with form A and form B: 60-80% sulpiride, 10-30% 5-oxopyrrolidine sulpiride and 3-8% an unidentified metabolite (ME-X). In four human volunteers(More)
The effects of the anticonvulsants ethosuximide and valproate on the excitable Na and K channels of the squid giant axon are evaluated and compared. The drugs are highly specific in their effects on channel gating and ion permeability with regard to the membrane side of application. Both drugs when applied internally affect Na activation gating in ways that(More)
Eighteen lame boars were equally assigned to two treatment groups based on initial bodyweight and leg soundness. The boars were injected intramuscularly with an aqueous solution of glycosaminoglycan polysulfate or saline on day 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 and killed on day 27. The glycosaminoglycan polysulfate treatment significantly (P less than 0.05) improved(More)
22 physician-providers who serve natural family planning (NFP) programs, mostly in the private sector, gathered to formulate a standard terminology for the field. The Billings and sympto-thermal methods are the 2 methods taught by this group. The sypto-thermal method helps a woman predict ovulation by detecting changes in her cervical mucus and in the(More)
(+)-DU-124884 is a 5-HT1-like receptor agonist under investigation for drug development. A sensitive, stereospecific LC method was developed for the analysis of (+)-DU-124884, its optical isomer (-)-DU-124884 and their N-dealkylated metabolites, (+/- )-KC-9048, in human plasma. A plasma sample was treated with triethylamine in methanol and the proteins were(More)
(1) a. Mary swam the English Channel, and Jane climbed Kilimanjaro, and I did, too. ‘I swam the English Channel and climbed Kilimanjaro’ (Fiengo & May 1994) b. Sally wants to sail around the world, and Barbara wants to fly to South America, and they will, if money is available. ‘Sally will sail around the world and Barbara will fly to SA’ (Webber 1978) c.(More)