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SciSight: Combining faceted navigation and research group detection for COVID-19 exploratory scientific search
Sight is presented, a system for exploratory search of COVID-19 research integrating two key capabilities: first, exploring associations between biomedical facets automatically extracted from papers; second, combining textual and network information to search and visualize groups of researchers and their ties.
Can Television Advertising Impact Be Measured on the Web? Web Spike Response as a Possible Conversion Tracking System for Television
It is shown that it is possible to measure web activity bursts that peak about 13 seconds after the end of traditional TV ad broadcasts, and it may be possible to deploy a web-based TV conversion tracking system that will work on TV systems.
Extending the Boundaries of Cancer Therapeutic Complexity with Literature Data Mining
A new tool and workflow to handle the vast complexity space of combinatorial cancer treatment facilitate further evaluation of HCCT in experimental cancer research is proposed.
ACCoRD: A Multi-Document Approach to Generating Diverse Descriptions of Scientific Concepts
ACCoRD, an end-to-end system tack-ling the novel task of generating sets of descriptions of scientific concepts, is presented and a user study is conducted demonstrating that users prefer descriptions produced by the system, and users prefer multiple descriptions to a single “best” description.
Demand Finder: Set Top Box Television Ad Targeting Using a Novel Interactive Data Visualization System
An innovative data visualization tool is presented which allows users to filter, histogram, and sort so as to identify the television inventory with highest value per dollar.
Création d'une interface utilisateur dynamique pour une scène tridimensionnelle dense
L'invention porte sur un systeme (10) et sur un procede (250) visant a creer une interface utilisateur dynamique (81) pour une scene tridimensionnelle dense (62). Des grappes (45) sont placees dans