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Every now and then, programmers have to convert units of time. If a program processes 100 records per second, for instance, how long will it take to process one million records? Dividing shows that(More)
On New-StylIe Communications In the January 1985 issue of Communications, Peter Denning asked (in his introduction to the Special Section on Computer Architecture, p. i’] for comments on the new(More)
A physician doesn't feel dressed without a stethoscope, and a true electrical engineer is never far from an oscilloscope. Both professionals know that they need tools for studying the objects they(More)
How should you sort a sequence of records into or-der? T h e answcr is usually easy: Use a sort command provided by the system. Unfortunately, this plan doesn't always work. Some systems don't have a(More)
The Back of the Envelope (March 1984) As an example of a "quick calculation," Problem 3 asked when it is effective to supply a programmer with a hom¢ terminal. The answer estimated that a terminal(More)