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PURPOSE This research note gives details of 2 releases of audio recordings available from speakers who stutter that can be accessed on the Web. METHOD Most of the recordings are from school-age children. These are available on the University College London Archive of Stuttered Speech (UCLASS) Web site, and information is provided about how to access the(More)
PURPOSE The spatiotemporal index (STI) is one measure of variability. As currently implemented, kinematic data are used, requiring equipment that cannot be used with some patient groups or in scanners. An experiment is reported that addressed whether STI can be extended to an audio measure of sound pressure of the speech envelope over time that did not need(More)
Frequency shifted feedback (FSF) induces fluency when presented to speakers who stutter. This study examined whether FSF was more effective at removing disfluencies on easy or on difficult stretches of speech (where difficulty was defined with respect to utterance and word length). There were more disfluencies on the difficult stretches than on the easy(More)
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