Jon B. Williams

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The primary objective was to determine whether the dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic (EPA, C20:5, n-3) and docosahexaenoic (DHA, C22:6, n-3), present in fish meal (FM) can attenuate uterine secretion of PGF2alpha in response to a challenge with estradiol and oxytocin in lactating dairy cows. Cycling multiparous cows (n = 32) were fed(More)
The ultimate biodegradation of the commercial products nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE9), octylphenol ethoxylates (OPE9), and their biodegradation intermediates, NPE1.5, OPE1.5, NP, and OP, was measured using conventional methods. The extent of biodegradation was also determined by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) and high-performance liquid(More)
We examined the biodegradability of several metabolites of C8- and C9-alkylphenol ethoxylates, including nonylphenoxyacetic acid (NPEC1), nonylphenoxyethoxyacetic acid (NPEC2), octylphenoxyacetic acid (OPEC1), octylphenoxyethoxyacetic acid (OPEC2), and nonylphenol (NP). Using OECD method 301B (modified Sturm method), OPEC1 and OPEC2 are readily(More)
We examined oxygen consumption and total evaporative water loss of aardwolves (Proteles cristatus) at temperatures within and below their thermal neutral zone during both summer and winter. During summer (December), body masses of aardwolves averaged 8.1 +/- 0.7 kg (+/-1 standard deviation). Within their thermal neutral zone, oxygen consumption was 2,194(More)
The fate, effects, and potential environmental risks of ethylene glycol (EG) in the environment were examined. EG undergoes rapid biodegradation in aerobic and anaerobic environments (approximately 100% removal of EG within 24 h to 28 days). In air, EG reacts with photo-chemically produced hydroxyl radicals with a resulting atmospheric half-life of 2 days.(More)
We measured basal metabolic rate (BMR) and total evaporative water loss (TEWL) of species of foxes that exist on the Arabian Peninsula, Blanford’s fox (Vulpes cana) and two subspecies of Red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Combining these data with that on other canids from the literature, we searched for specialization of physiological traits among desert foxes using(More)
Prevention of high plasma progesterone concentrations in the early postpartum period may improve fertility. Our objective was to determine whether a Deslorelin implant (DESL; 2100 microg, s.c.) would reduce secretion of LH and alter follicle dynamics, plasma concentrations of progesterone, estradiol and PGF2alpha metabolite (PGFM) in postpartum dairy cows.(More)
Quantum bits (qubits) are the fundamental building blocks of quantum information processors, such as quantum computers. A qubit comprises a pair of well characterized quantum states that can in principle be manipulated quickly compared to the time it takes them to decohere by coupling to their environment. Much remains to be understood about the(More)
Nonylphenol (NP) and the 9-mole ethoxylate of nonylphenol (NPE9) were synthesized with a uniform radioactive (14)C label in the aromatic ring. The [(14)C]NP isomer distribution and [(14)C]NPE9 oligomer distribution closely matched that of commercial NPE9. Biodegradation of [(14)C]NPE9 was examined under conditions simulating a river water environment, and(More)