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The relationship between occlusal overload and peri-implant bone loss remains a controversial topic in implant dentistry. A causal relationship between the incidence of marginal bone loss next to an implant and occlusal overload implies a treatment plan and occlusal scheme would benefit from a force management approach. A MEDLINE-assisted and hand search of(More)
The purposes of the study are to study the implant survival of the wide-diameter implant and to analyze if the length, the implant surface, or the placement location has any effect on its survival. Electronic databases were searched from inception to Dec 2014. Studies included in the review had implants placed in areas of adequate bone width and had clear(More)
To investigate the agreement between computerized tomography scans (CT) and intraoral periapical digital radiographs (PA) alveolar ridge height measurements in maxillary and mandibular posterior regions. We reviewed 100 implant patient radiographic records and identified 27 mandibular sites in 19 patients and 23 maxillary sites in 13 patients with available(More)
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