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Being the third fastest-growing app category behind games and utilities, mHealth apps are changing the healthcare model, as medicine today involves the data they compile and analyse, information known as Big Data. However, the majority of apps are lacking in security when gathering and dealing with the information, which becomes a serious problem. This(More)
The introduction of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in health care has propitiated the creation of a new software industry of health care apps that try to help fight against chronic diseases, specially heart diseases. Since there is a lack of apps for the self-management of these diseases, the authors created one, called Heartkeeper. The(More)
Nowadays, there is a great opportunity for mobile Health using different devices and platforms. A significant number of Health applications have been already developed for those platforms. According to WHO's latest update (2004) of the Global Burden of Disease, between the most prevalent conditions are iron-deficiency anemia, hearing loss, migraine, low(More)
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