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The increase of the wind power penetration in the electrical grids of Denmark, Germany, Spain and other countries and regions is challenging the stability of the system. The subject of this paper is to review the main problems of the connection of wind farms to the grid and how the grid codes must be adapted in order to integrate wind power generation(More)
—The matrix converter (MC) presents a promising topology that needs to overcome certain barriers (protection systems , durability, the development of converters for real applications , etc.) in order to gain a foothold in the market. Taking into consideration that the great majority of efforts are being oriented toward control algorithms and modulation,(More)
In this paper a configurable-system-on-programmable-chip controller for matrix converter is presented. The controller takes advantage from partial reconfiguration to interchange dynamically space-vector-modulation cores with different signal quality-switching power loses trade-off. The internal design is presented and the newest Xilinx design flow for(More)
The specifications analysis for an MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) bus administrator showed that system-on-a-chip strategies should be adopted to cope with its great complexity. Particularly, a new hardware/software codesign methodology has been followed. Its main concept is that the MVB devices (the bus administrator itself and the less complex devices)(More)
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